2019. 06. 14
[Mubeat Exclusive] K-POP Music Festival 2019

Mubeat Exclusive K-POP MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019

Watch the videos from K-POP MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019 in Mubeat!

List of contents | Click on the images to watch the clips!

▪️ Cast Interview (Day 1 / Day 2)


▪️ GFRIEND (여자친구) | Sunrise (해야), Time for the moon night (밤) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ OH MY GIRL (오마이걸) | Remember Me (불꽃놀이), The fifth season (SSFWL) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ ONF (온앤오프) | Complete, We Must Love (사랑하게 될 거야) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ GWSN (공원소녀) | INTRO + Puzzle Moon (퍼즐문), Pinky Star (RUN) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ D-CRUNCH (디크런치) | Panorama, Are you ready? (작당모의) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ Newkidd (뉴키드) | Left Hand (왼손), Tu eres (뚜에레스) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ DONGKIZ (동키즈) | NOM (놈), Uptown funk +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ NC.A (앤씨아) | Cinderella Time (통금시간), Awesome breeze (밤바람) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ Woody (우디) | Natural (대충 입고 나와), Fire up (이 노래가 클럽에서 나온다면) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ FlaShe (플래쉬) | BabyLotion (베이비로션), POPPING (팝핑) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ Class Mate (동급생) | My Star (나의 별), Stay Here (있어줄래) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ Villain (빌런) | Manitto (마니또), Luhvin It +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ Lee Si Eun (이시은) | Because I Love You (사랑해서 그래), Watching You +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ JUNE (준) | Gas Station, Trip All Day (Feat. Moti) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ Moti (모티) | GO (Feat. JUNE), BLUE +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ Lily (릴리) | Bright day (나만 그래), My Destiny +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ SUNG DAM(성담) | Night Night (굿나잇굿밤), Season (계절) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ Jung Jin Woo (정진우) | Tattoo (타투) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ Jiselle (지젤) | Missed Call (받지마), Better this way +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ HIGHCOLOR (하이컬러) | The season (너의 계절), WHISTLE (BLACKPINK Cover) +Full Fixed Cam


▪️ Gaho (가호) | Going on, Preparation For a Journey (떠날 준비)